User manual

1.Power switch

2.Set the channel for the receiver

CH1 - Use Wireless channel 1

CH2 - Use Wireless channel 2

CH3 - Use Wireless channel 3

*Please do not flip the switch vigorously! A damaged switch will prevent the channel from being set up properly and the keyboard will not work properly!

3.Set the channel for the keyboard

Long press A + B + 1 - Use Wireless channel 1

Long press A + B + 2 - Use Wireless channel 2

Long press A + B + 3 - Use Wireless channel 3

*Press and hold for 1 second

*Both left and right keyboards need to be set

*Fixed position key combinations, independent of key codes

4.Charging indicator

There are LEDs near the TYPEC connector. A red light indicates charging. A green light indicates a full charge.

*The keyboard currently does not have a power display function.

*Connecting the power cord should show a green light if the battery is not connected.

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