1.Only 2.4g wireless is supported . -Exclusive support for 3-channel switching (requires 3 receivers,like Bluetooth). Comes with one 2.4g receiver -There are no cables between the split keyboards, but the receiver needs to be plugged into the computer

2.!!hot swappable switchs design, -!!support 3 and 5 pin MX switches(bottom socket ) -!!also support Gateron Low Profile switches(top socket )

3.Vial programmable with 4 layers , via is not supported. -It includes Macros, Tap Dance, Combos, key Overrides, qmk setting and other functional modules(all functional modules in vial)

4.FR4 Case Kit, 1.2MM top plate, 1.6MM bottom plate ,1.6MM PCB

5.Rechargeable,ultra-low power consumption, and long battery life -450mah Lithium battery(About 2.5 months battery life)

6.No lights


8.switches and keycaps are not included -!!MX switches or Gateron Low Profile switches(not CHOC) -!!Gateron Low Profile switches Recommend Nuphy's keycaps -Only switches and keycaps need to be installed(hot swappable)

-key sizes summary

1*1 62

1*1.25 4

Total 66

9.Item list

left and right handed keyboard *1

2.4g receiver *1

USB Type-C cable *1

Non-slip foot mat *1

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