Installation manual

1.Hot plug

The upper shaft seat is a Gateron low-profile shaft seat.

The lower shaft seat is an MX shaft seat.

These two types of shaft seats are not compatible with each other. Please avoid using force or engaging in violent operations.

2.Installation process

First, install the switches onto the positioning plate, and then install the entire positioning plate onto the PCB.

*The positioning plate and the PCB are fixed only through the switches, without screws or studs. (This keyboard is mainly designed for low-profile shafts, and the height from the low-profile shaft positioning plate to the PCB is too small to use screws.)

*Small tip for installing low-profile shafts: Pay attention to the latch of the switch, which is located on both sides. When installing, first insert the side with the latch into the positioning plate, and then use your fingernail to push the latch on the other side, and it will easily slide in.

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